The IT Range

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Simplifies staff training

The training of cleaning staff is made significantly easier with the IT range, even where potential language barriers exist. Users can be taught to select the correct product for a particular task simply by looking at the productís colour: blue for interior cleaning, green for floors and red for sanitary areas.

Improves standards of cleaning

The colour-coding and label design used in the IT range help to ensure that the products are used for their correct application, thus achieving optimum results.
Simplifies stocking and reordering

A basic range of three or four products from the IT range is all that is needed for all-round effective daily cleaning. This eliminates the need to buy and stock numerous different types of produc 
This innovative new range of products has been developed by Clover Chemicals Ltd especially for companies employing large numbers of cleaning staff, such as contract cleaners and hotel groups. 

The IT range is so named because it has been designed to simplify the
Information Transfer to users, making the training of staff significantly easier. 

The unique features of the range are its colour-coded products and clear, pictorial labels. Featuring five highly effective products that cover the cleaning of surfaces, floors and sanitary areas, the IT range is ideal for daily contract cleaning in offices, hotels, schools, leisure centres and many other establishments.